The Upton CW transceiver is a collection of kit modules designed by Tim Walford, G3PCJ. His website is here, Walford Electronics.
I got them on eBay a few years ago and they were kept in a tin for ages. But no longer! Now made into a nice compact transceiver, with case made from copper clad and chassis made from soldering the modules together at the sides. It is a direct conversion receiver, with switchable CW/phone filter, 160m 80m 40m 20m 10m bands, 1.5 to 3W output, RIT, speaker jack, line out jack for CW decoder, LO out jack for frequency counter.

I started off with it open plan.

Then I thought. 'Hmmm. This could pack down into a nice small transceiver.'

Ha, those bits got in the way.

A nice top half of the case was made from some copper clad board.

Then the whole lot was dismantled and the case parts spray painted.

In action with it's companion tuner unit and K42 CW keyboard. And optional enourmous frequency counter off to the side. I really want to squeeze an LED frequency display on the top and add huff-puff frequency stabilisation. There is just enough mm to install the electronics on the underside of the top case half...

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