This website covers the activities and projects of amateur radio station MW0UZO.


30m QRSS Beacon

600W HF Amplifier

30m QRSS grabber

Travel CW key


400W RF amplifier

Kidney 160m transceiver

PCB CW key

Kit builds:

Geiger counter

Upton CW transceiver

Misc stuff:


Recent activities:

24/04/16 - QRSS grabber antenna needed maintenance. 3 bad PL plugs and a broken screen on the coax!
05/08/15 - QRSS grabber back online!
15/03/15 - Moved site to new server, finally added the thumbnails for some of the projects
09/10/14 - Added 400W RF amplifier project
09/10/14 - Added CW transceiver kit build
22/09/14 - Added some old tunes :D
03/07/14 - Added 10 minute grab version to 30m QRSS grabber.
31/06/14 - Fixed QRSS grabber. HD failure on computer.
01/01/14 - QRSS grabber back online :D
26/09/13 - Developing RadMon and RadLog radiation monitoring software.
16/09/13 - Another grabber added :) Provided by MW0KST in Cardiff.
16/09/13 - Made a magnetic loop antenna for the QRSS grabber. RX performance is significantly improved.
24/07/13 - Changed page hit counters to normal hits, not unique.
14/06/13 - Added simple travel CW key project
14/06/13 - Put 30m QRSS grabber receiver into aluminium case
02/06/13 - Fixed stability problem on 30m grabber :D
31/05/13 - Didn't fix stability problem. Modified FTP code, testing.
31/05/13 - Fixed stability problems? Old version of numpy FFT library may be the cause. Added stacking of three captures to the grabber page.
30/05/13 - Stability problems with LOPORA, changed from laptop to desktop machine to see if the heat from continuous numbercrunching was the problem.
23/05/13 - Made crystal oven for 30m QRSS grabber
22/05/13 - 30m QRSS grabber active!
15/05/13 - Changed the beacon font from bold to narrow
10/05/13 - Added and modified content. Installed forum. Modification to beacon code and changed message.
09/05/13 - Added and modified content.
08/05/13 - Initial quick write up of the 600W HF amplifier project.
07/05/13 - Created this website.
06/05/13 - 30m QRSS beacon three modes activated.
05/05/13 - Bugfixing QRSS textprint mode on beacon.
04/05/13 - 30m QRSS beacon on air in CW mode.

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