Psychedelic trance, hard trance, melodic trance

These were made using Fruityloops, quite a long time ago! I used to really enjoy making these, but unfortunately I haven't fired up a sequencer for ages and with all the usual life things and other projects getting in the way, nothing has been written for years. I also need to get a piano moved here for restoration, when that finally happens maybe I'll get back to it.

If you want to spend some time listening, start at the end as these are the earlier ones and they get better as I improved.

Darkness Inside





Suck This



Terminated String

Planetary Travel

Totally fucked

Piano Junkie

New type of acid



Batter Me Bertie

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Station MW0UZO is located in Cardiff, UK.

G7FEK inv-L with 20m vertical addition and optional coil for 160m with bullet connectors. Two long groundplane wires trimmed to center operation on 80m and 40m.  A few shorter ones for good measure and a ground stake. No tuner operation on 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m.
5/8th wave 10m vertical. 10m, CB. 12m and 15m with tuner.
Active antenna Mini-Whip by PA0RDT. Used for QRSS grabber

Quick links:

30m grabber
Software QRSS beacon
EB104 HF amplifier